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Comprehensive software solutions for as low as $479 per month


Affordable patient communication system


Certified HR and Staff Management Solutions

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We source modern and affordable equipment

Our Practice Management Solutions are dedicated to providing the most up to date processes for successful family dentistry management.

Our We use the latest technology in creating patient communication systems that will free you and your staff to focus on providing care.

Our in house certificate-based HR training program creates knowledgeable and qualified  staff members.

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Our Specialty Services

Practice Management

Customer care and increasing the bottom line should be a top priority. However, running a profitable  practice is not easy

Communication / Technology

Technology is changing dentistry as we know it, bringing immediacy, flexibility, and efficiency.

HR Training /Management

We increase production and profitability (and reduce stress) by upgrading your training program

Equipment Sourcing

We can help you with procuring the equipment you need to run your service at competitive pricing


Marketing is key to the success of any business and dental practices are no exception. For a practice to grow, 24-50 new patients are needed per month

Loan Preparation

We understand the unique needs of dental practice financing. We assist financial advisors in practice loan preparation.

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